If you are required to wear a uniform or need to wear protective clothing at work and have to cover all or part of the cost of washing/cleaning such workwear, then you are entitled to tax back on such costs! The Tax back Service Company helps individuals Uniforms Tax rebateclaim tax back. We have a dedicated team of taxback specialists, with many years of experience dealing with HMRC, working on a NO REBATE – NO FEE basis. We ensure the process is hassle-free for you from start to finish as all you have to do is sit back and wait for your uniform tax rebate to arrive.

Can I claim tax back from previous jobs?

YES – it doesn’t matter where you are working now, if you wear a uniform or not. You may be entitled to claim taxback for the years when you were required to wear a uniform or protective clothing or corporate workwear though there is a limit to how far back we can make a taxback claim for you. HMRC will now only deal with such taxback claims for any and all years from April 6th 2010.

How much tax refund could I get?

 depends on which industry you have worked in and for how many years you have been required to wash and wear your uniform. For example, sales staff working for Tesco or Sainsburys or Asda can expect to receive around £45-50 with on going annual tax savings of £12 whereas Veolia refuse collectors can expect £175-200 with on going annual savings of up to £80! What is more, we have helped many respondents to our NO REBATE-NO FEE TAXBACK SERVICE claim back tax overpaid of in excess of £1,000, with two clients this year having already received over £10,000!!!

How can I make a claim tax back?

Getting started with a uniform tax back claim is easy, simple and straight forward. Enter your details on the ‘uniform’ taxback form and leave the rest to us.

Uniform Tax backHow much does it cost to get my tax rebate?

We work on a NO REBATE – NO FEE basis so you’ve nothing to lose, lots to gain! And we don’t charge for any future tax savings arising as a result of our work on your behalf.

Uniform Tax Rebate – fill in the relevant form here and we will advice you if you are due a tax refund.