Drivers TAX Refund form

Are you a ‘professional’ driver? A bus/coach driver? A train driver? A taxi driver? A chauffeur? An HGV/LGV/delivery driver? A lorry driver? A wagon driver?

Whether you are employed or self-employed, are you claiming all of your UK income tax allowances?

Are you claiming all of the work-related expenses allowable against your UK income tax?

HMRC accepts that, if you incur expenses relating directly to your job, you can claim a UK income tax repayment and/or income tax relief.

Allowable expenses, which should enable us to obtain an income tax rebate from HMRC, include:-

  •  Cleaning and maintaining uniforms and/or protective clothing, overalls etc
  • Licence/registration/CRB fees
  • Medical fees
  • Safety equipment including footwear, glasses/goggles
  • Daily travel/meal allowance
  • Working away/overnight allowance

Please note that repayment claims to HMRC for UK income tax rebates can be back-dated to April 6th 2010. Then, once HMRC agree a tax back claim, any and all agreed income tax allowances and reliefs will be allowed in the current and future tax years.

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