Tax Rebate Calculator

As many as 1 in 3 UK income tax payers are due a tax rebate – are you one of them? Is there a tax rebate calculator ? Might you be missing out on a tax rebate, be it £50? or £500? or £5,000? or even more?! 

Various websites – including HMRC’s own website – provide tax rebate calculators but only, in their own words, as a simple guide. However, in our opinion, such tax rebate calculators are, at best, of no practical use and can even prove worse than useless! Why? Because the conclusion from using such tax rebate calculators may wrongly suggest that you are NOT due a tax rebate when you actually are. This is because such ‘simple’ tax rebate calculators are doing no more than checking the basic arithmetic of your employer’s PAYE systems.

The Taxback Service Company has its own defined tax rebate calculator which will be applied to YOUR individual circumstances. However, for our (and any) tax rebate calculator to be of any practical value, we first need to review your  individual tax profile, as many variables combine to determine whether or not you have overpaid tax and, as a result, be due an income tax rebate.

For example, to enable us to meaningfully apply our tax rebate calculator to your own individual situation, we need to know:-
your age, as there are still some age-related tax allowances and reliefs available
your occupation, as there are various work-related tax allowances and reliefs available 
your employment history, as you may have unused personal tax allowances or been excessively taxed in one or more of your employments (especially if you had two employments at the same time)
whether you pay any work-related professional subscriptions or registration fees or licences or for ongoing training courses 

So, take advantage of our NO REBATE – NO FEE TAXBACK SERVICE. If you have paid UK income tax at any time since April 6th 2010, be it on earnings, pensions, bank/building society interest, dividends etc, contact us NOW and let us apply our tax rebate calculator directly and specifically to and for you.