How do I claim tax back?

All you have to do is fill in our Tax Back Form, send it to us online or post it to us and we will assess whether you are entitled to a tax rebate. We will then get in touch with you and ask whether you want to go ahead without our service. If you do, then we will contact the Inland Revenue and do all the work for you, keeping you informed along the way. When we have claimed your tax back we will send you a cheque. It’s as simple as that!

How much does the Taxback UK Service cost?

We offer a completely FREE tax review and if we don’t recover any money for you, we won’t charge you a penny. If we are successful in claiming a tax rebate for you, we charge up to 35% of that money. We take our fees from what we recover from the Inland Revenue and send you a cheque for the rest. As part of the service, we will ensure that your tax code is adjusted and we will not charge for any future savings as a result of this.

Why might I be due a tax repayment – doesn’t my employer check this with the Inland Revenue?

Most people assume that their tax codes are right, that the employer checks their employees’ tax codes and that the tax office doesn’t make mistakes. This is simply not true. We start with the assumption that your tax code is/was incorrect and seek to ensure that you get ALL of the allowances, reliefs etc that you are now, and have been in the past, entitled to by law! Here are some of the circumstances that might mean you are entitled to a tax rebate. However, the best way to find out is to fill out our Tax Back Form and we will do the work for you. You didn’t work throughout the whole tax year and, therefore, have ‘unused’ personal (tax) allowances. You had more than one job in the tax year and were excessively taxed in one or other or both employments. You started a new job after April 5th and were on an emergency or restricted tax code for part of the year. Your circumstances changed, eg: you became self-employed, unemployed, retired, ill, over 65, over 75. You took a break from your employment or between leaving one job and starting another.

If I think I have paid too much tax in the past, can I do anything about it?

You are allowed to claim back tax overpaid at any time in the last 6 years. This might be for personal (tax) allowances or reliefs that you have not previously claimed (or have claimed but not used) or through errors made by your employer or by the tax office.Content goes here

I am over 65 – do I get any extra tax allowances?

From the tax year that you are first 65 (then 75), you may qualify for increased allowances, over and above the standard amounts.

Is there still a Married Couples Allowance?

If you are married (or in a civil partnership) and if either you or your husband/wife/civil partner were born before 6th April 1935, then the married couple`s (tax) allowance is still available.

If I choose to use my own car for work, what costs can I claim against my tax?

Where you use your own car for business, you may be able to claim tax free approved mileage allowances. H M Revenue & Customs have approved standard pence per mile rates which are deemed to cover all business expenses incurred from using your own car. You are only taxable on any amount paid in excess of the approved rates. If your employer pays a mileage rate below the statutory rates, you can claim for the difference. When you fill in the tax back form, we will look into whether you are entitled to claim.

Can I claim tax back against employment expenses?

There are tax allowances and reliefs due to millions of ‘ordinary’ employees who can claim for expenses incurred in their employment e.g. professional subscriptions, upkeep of tools or washing your employer-supplied uniform.