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Uniform Tax Rebate – are you entitled a tax back ?

If you are required to wear a uniform or need to wear protective clothing at work and have to cover all or part of the cost of washing/cleaning such workwear, then you are entitled to tax back on such costs! The Tax back Service Company helps individuals claim tax back. We have a dedicated team of taxback specialists, with many years of experience dealing with HMRC, working on a NO REBATE – NO...
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Uniforms tax refund or tax allowance for HM Forces ?

The Ministry of Defence has announced that, from 2014, serving officers of HM Forces will get a tax free allowance to pay for the cost of cleaning their uniforms. This allowance will be made by increasing their individual PAYE tax code and, the higher the tax code, the less tax is paid. Some employees who are required to wear ‘special’ clothing or uniforms in their jobs, are entitled to UK...
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How to claim tax back that was overpaid through your work place

Sometimes, when you are working, you can end up paying too much UK Income Tax , particularly if you change jobs often or have more than one job at the same time. That said, we always start with the premise that you may well have overpaid UK income tax and review every possible aspect of your personal taxation affairs, to determine whether or not you have paid too much UK income tax. Then, we set...
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PAYE tax codes and your tax refund

In the UK, every employee paid under the PAYE scheme is allocated a tax code by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). This is usually in the form of a number followed by a letter suffix, though other ‘non-standard’ codes are also used. This code describes to employers how much UK income tax to deduct from an employee. The PAYE tax code is normally based on information provided to HMRC by...
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Uniformed Staff Tax Rebate Services

The average tax back we get for our clients that wear uniforms to work is £130 .

Contact us today by filling our no obligation tax rebate form!

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