Why Britain’s income tax year ends on April 5th?

Have you ever wondered why Britain’s income tax year starts on April 6th and ends on April 5th?
The explanation starts with Julius Caesar and one of Cleopatra’s astrologers, includes Pope Gregory X111 and ends in 18th century rioting by Britons who feared their lives were being curtailed.
Unsurprisingly, few countries share Britain’s income tax year calendar; the practice is more uncommon than driving on the left as Americans and most continental Europeans, for example, start their income tax year on January 1st.

So, please feel free to contact us for further information and more detailed explanations of the UK’s idiosyncratic income tax calendar.

Meanwhile, generally speaking, it is possible to claim taxback for UK income tax overpaid in any or all of the last four tax years. So, for example, if you gave been employed and paid PAYE income tax at any time from April 6th 2010 onwards, we will:-

– check your PAYE tax codes for all indate income tax years
– check to ensure that you have had the benefit of all of your personal ( PAYE ) income tax allowances
– determine whether you are entitled to any additional personal ( income tax ) allowances eg a uniform cleaning allowance,  a ‘ tool ‘ allowance, income tax relief onprofessional subsriptions , a mileage and/or travel allowance for using your own vehicle for work

and then be able to confirm whether or not you are among the millions of UK income tax payers who are entitled to taxback uk , an income tax rebate or income tax repayment from HMRC as a result of our NO REBATE – NO FEE TAXBACK SERVICE

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