About us

The Taxback Service Company is a division of Guardian Taxation Services; a private company specialising in sourcing tax rebates from HMRC for individual taxpayers. Over the years we have handled tax refunds for tens of thousands of people throughout the UK and have managed to obtain tax rebates totalling millions of pounds.

Our name says  it all. As one of the first companies in the UK to deal with uk tax back we uniquely specialise in tax refund services and have been doing that for over 20 years.

We source tax back uk -wide for individuals who have paid UK income tax at any time within the last four years.
We are the web’s favourite taxback uk -wide Company, with a wealth of background and experience.
The taxback service company were the initiators of a NO REBATE – NO FEE TAXBACK service available to anyone, anywhere in the UK.

Income tax – two little words to strike terror and/or horror in to one’s head! It is a tax on income – primarily earnings but to include ‘unearned’ income e.g. pensions, bank/building society interest, dividends etc – and is payable to HMRC. We specialise primarily in PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax for employees, from those in a part-time job to executives and high flyers!

We work on a no-rebate, no-fee basis; so we won’t charge you a penny if you are not entitled to anything, and you will be able to keep at least 65% of the tax back  we reclaim. In addition, you keep 100% of all future tax savings.

Please read the testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers and we hope to hear from you shortly and have a look at our clients list.

The Tax back Service Company is privately owned and NOT part of HMRC. While all tax forms are also directly available from HMRC free of charge, by using The Taxback Service Company, you will receive full guidance and a start-to-finish service. The Taxback Service Company initial review is free and we work on a contingency NO REBATE – NO FEE basis.