1 in 3 UK taxpayers have overpaid and are due a Tax Rebate!

While most people think that they pay too much tax, few PAYE employees actually think that they might be due an income tax rebate! You may be surprised to know that as many as 1 in 3 UK taxpayers have overpaid tax and are due an income tax refund, theirs but for the asking!

Why might you be due a UK income tax rebate

Most UK income taxpayers believe  that HMRC do not make mistakes when issuing individual taxpayer’s PAYE tax coding notices. They also believe that their employer’s HR or wages depatments check the correctness of any PAYE tax codes issued by HMRC before applying them.

However, both these assumptions are incorrect. The employer is simply an unpaid tax collector for HMRC and can do nothing but apply the PAYE code issued. What is more, the employer, under Data Protection Acts, is not party to the make-up of the individual employee’s tax code. So, the onus is on each individual UK income taxpayer to notify HMRC of changes to their individual income tax circumstances and apply for any and all additional personal income tax allowances available or even simply to seek to correct errors made by HMRC.

Even then, asking the right question of the right person in the right tax office at the right time does not guarantee HMRC giving  the right answer. We have numerous cases where we have obtained income tax rebates for individuals who had previously tried – but failed – to claim an income tax repayment themselves.

Take advantage, then. of our NO REBATE – NO FEE TAXBACK SERVICE. Let us check to see if you are entitled to a UK income tax repayment from HMRC. All you need to do is complete one of the relevant forms on the website and we will take care of the rest.

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