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Some of our customers got more than £11,000 in tax refund !
The average tax rebate we get for our clients is £330

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1 in 3 UK taxpayers have overpaid and are due a Tax Rebate!

While most people think that they pay too much tax, few PAYE employees actually think that they might be due an income tax rebate! You may be surprised to know that, as many as 1 in 3 UK taxpayers have, in fact, overpaid tax and are due an income
tax refund, theirs but for the asking!

Take advantage of our NO TAXBack – NO FEE service and check if you are entitled a tax refund from HMRC !
All you need to do is fill one of the relevant forms on the website and we will take care of the rest.

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How to claim UK tax back?

We are one of the oldest uk companies specialising in claiming tax back for individual UK taxpayers. We have an un-paralleled wealth of experience in dealing with HMRC tax refunds.

Over the years we have delivered millions of pounds of HMRC tax refunds and income tax rebates. We helped hundreds of thousands of UK taxpayers claim tax back from HMRC. Some of them have tried to claim tax back themselves and failed, however were successful with our assistance.

The real questions we deal with every day for UK taxpayers are not only how to claim tax back in the UK but, also have you overpaid tax and are you entitled to claim tax back .

Follow these simple steps to claim tax back […]

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Every year millions of ordinary ‘PAYE’ employees overpay hundreds of millions
of pounds of income tax to HMRC, whether because of errors, omissions,
mistake or, sometimes, lack of knowledge – either their own or that of tax office

The Taxback uk Service Company have been instrumental in sourcing tens of
millions of pounds of income tax repayments for hundreds of thousands of UK
taxpayers across the country, with individual rebates varying from a few pounds
to a few hundred pounds to, occasionally, a few thousand pounds.

So, if you, as an employee, have paid UK income tax […]

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